14 Interesting Features of World’s Deepest Diving Pool: Deep Dive Dubai

Dubai is very famous for its unique things. Till this time Dubai was famous for its tallest buildings, hotels like Burj Khalifa, and the very attractive project Palm Jumeirah, which looks like a palm tree when we look at it from the top ( from any Aircraft). But this time Dubai has added one more wonder to his list which is the world’s deepest diving swimming pool Deep Dive Dubai. This is not any simple pool. If you will check its interesting facts and features then it may give you goosebumps. 

13 Interesting Features of World's Deepest Diving Pool

Moreover on June 27th Gennies world record certified this as the world’s deepest diving swimming pool. Recently International superstar Will Smith has tried this and shared his experience. Deep Dive Dubai has a professional team of international divers that are available all the time for public divers. It is well equipped with the most advanced technologies. Let’s check some interesting facts and features of this wonder. 

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Unknown facts about Deepest Diving Pool Deep Dive Dubai

Interesting Features of World’s Deepest Diving Pool Deep Dive Dubai

  • This deepest swimming pool is filled with 14 Million liters of freshwater.
  • If we talk about its depth then it is 60 meters deep.
  • If you look at this design from the outside then it’s shaped like a Giant Oyster. 
  • It spans 1500 Square meters.
  • Deep dive Dubai has 2 underwater habitats that are completely dry for its visitors.
  • It is equipped with 56 underwater cameras that cover all the corners of this swimming pool.
  • It has an underwater sound and 164 mood lighting system that makes this more attractive and adds a unique feature to it. 
  • The swimming pool pumps clean water for its divers. 
  • Used water from this swimming pool is filtered and circulated every 6 hours.
  • The temperature of this deepest diving pool was maintained to 30 degrees celsius.
  • Deep dive Dubai has large viewing windows so divers and non-divers can interact with each other and share their experiences of this unique water world.
  • It has multiple types of games to play like table football, chess, and restaurants as well.
  • If we talk about its pricing then it starts from 800 Dirhams with basic facilities. It might vary as per the different facilities offered.
  • World’s deepest diving swimming pool Deep Dive Dubai has used technology developed by NASA.

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