Girl Refuses to Enter in Her Wedding Until Her Favorite Song Would Play

A funny incident came into the limelight. A video is going viral on social media, this video is from a wedding. A bride refused to enter her wedding at entry because the song was not played that she chose. Everything was going well. But at the entry point, she refused to enter until her selected song played. This video was shared by Shivani Pippel on her Instagram handle later on it is shared by the account Wedding Brigade on Instagram. 

In the video you can see, Bride was waiting for her grand entry but unfortunately, her plan was disturbed because of a song. She wanted to enter on the song “Piya mohe ghar aaye”

Even her family members were assuming the selected song would be played, but this did not happen. You guys must be thinking about what happened finally. She shared a confirmation video with the groom.

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