Did You Know Why This Bride Slapped the Groom in the Ongoing Wedding

An incident coming into the limelight, when it went viral on social media handles. A bride has slapped her groom in their ongoing wedding, in front of everyone. When we watched this video, we came to know. That bride slapped her groom because of chewing Gutka (Tobacco). Due to this, she slapped in front of every guest who was present at the wedding.

You can see in the video how she found her groom eating Gutka, she got angry with him and started slapping him.  Apart from this, no one has tried to stop this event. After she slapped, the bride asked him in anger to spit it, and with immediate effect, the groom spat that Gutka out. 

This video is getting a lot of views on social media and going viral. Apart from that, everyone is sharing their opinions on this incident. Someone is saying “this was just a shoot, not a real incident. Some people supported that girl to do this courage. Some of the talking about fake feminism.

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