Common People Who Went Viral Overnight on Social Media and Became Internet Sensation

We all know the power of the internet nowadays, and in this tough time of COVID-19, We understood the power of the internet in a deeper way. Everybody wants to become famous and get fame in any way (most likely in a positive way) but how many get fame overnight or in very little time. Here I am going to tell you about some people who went viral overnight on social media and got huge fame.

Common People Who Went Viral Overnight on Social Media:

  • Sahdev Dirdo – Baspan Ka Pyaar Mera Bhool Nai Jana Re

In a very recent time, a small kid Sahdev from Chhattisgarh got huge popularity on social media platforms due to his song video which went viral on social media (Baspan ka Pyaar). His teacher asked him to sing a song and Sahdev sang Baspan ka Pyaar and his teacher recorded that and posted it on social media, which got huge popularity, and thousands of reels were recorded on his track by users and famous celebs on Instagram. 

Sahdev (Baspan ka Pyaar) got a chance from Bollywood and Punjabi rapper Badshah to record a track for him. Also, that kid was invited by an Indian singing reality show Indian Idol. As per the sources, he got a car gift from big giant MG motors.  Even the chief minister of Chhattisgarh met this baspan ka pyaar boy.

  • Kanta Prasad  – Baba ka Dhaba

Kanta Prasad runs a small food counter in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. During the first COVID wave, Kanta Prasad came in the news because of a food blogger Gaurav wasan, that food blogger recorded his video and asked people to go and buy some food from Baba ka Dhaba. 

After that so many people went and ate food there, Even many of the people including some celebs donated some money to Kanta Prasad. With that money, the Dhaba owner opened a restaurant, which failed after some time.

  • Anita Gupta – Gucci Belt

Anita Gupta was in the news because of a Gucci belt that her daughter bought. A video went viral on social media in which Anita Gupta asked her daughter about the price of a Gucci belt and was shocked after hearing its value. We all know the costs of these brands.

Anita Gupta reacted and said the Gucci belt looks like a school uniform belt, which looks like a DPS school belt. 

  • Dananeer Mobeen – Pawri Ho Rahi Hai

You have definitely heard or seen some reels on social media about this. Dananeer Mobeen is from Pakistan and shot a video with her friends “Ye humari car hai.. Ye hum hai…or Ye humari Parwi ho rahi hai”. This reel went viral like fire on social media. So many Indian celebs and other users created reels in their ways. 

There could be more people who got popularity on the internet, we will cover them as well, but you should understand how the internet plays a vital role nowadays and People Who Went Viral Overnight on Social Media.

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