Linkedin Added Native Video Meeting Feature for its App Users

Linkedin is a well-known and professional worldwide network. It has a very huge user base. But to be at the top against the competitors, every platform has to be upgraded with new features. If we talk about the other social media and professional networks like Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, Skype. Every platform has multiple features including video meetings but Linkedin didn’t have a video meeting feature. But Linkedin has added a native video meeting feature in the app.

Last year Linkedin initiated a video meeting feature for its users but it was not owned by Linkedin. It was using a third-party app like Zoom. 

Free Linkedin Native Video Meeting for App Users:

image source google

Here you can see, native video meeting option within the Linkedin messaging App, “Create Video Meeting”. LinkedIn will default to utilizing the native video meeting option, however in any case users can choose an alternate service if they like. 

Linkedin’s native video meeting user interface makes it easy to improve your meeting experience. This feature is powered by the Microsoft Azure communication service. Currently, the Linkedin native video meeting function allows one-to-one video call to its users. As it is an upgrade point for Linkedin but looking forward, it has some big plans in the near future for its users. Linkedin is in trend for its multiple features and functions, and users are getting many benefits from it.

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