How Google Search Console Can Help to Identify Potential Keywords For Your Website

If we talk about Search engine optimization (SEO) then keywords would be the base of it. Because keywords are the factor that users search for on search engines to look for their queries. Today I will be discussing how google search console can help to identify potential keywords for your website. Google search console is a free tool provided by Google that Digital Marketers can use to optimize their website. 

Step by Step Guide to Identify Potential Keywords For Your Website With GSC

Google search console shows many on-page SEO factors to improve your website. Where you can check technical issues like core web vitals, page experience, sitemap, search queries, performing pages, CTR, etc. Let’s discuss how it can help in the keyword research process. 

  • When you open the Google search console then you will find the option “Performance” in the left sidebar menu. Click on that
  • After that you will see some options over the top, Total clicks, Total impressions, CTR. Above that you will find the “New” option.
  • When you click on the New option you will get some options in the drop down. Query, Page.
  • In that you can select a page and see what users are searching for that particular web page. 
  • This might help you to research the keywords and include them on your web page.
  • Apart from that you can extract country wise data as well for geographical targeting. 

This is a quick process that you can use in the Google search console to identify potential keywords for your website.

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