Interesting!! Porn Sites Ranked Higher In India As Compared To Pakistan

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India and Pakistan together have a population base of more than 1.4 billion. There are so many youth and young ones who is the future of their respective countries. Although when it comes to watching porn on internet both countries go ahead. But as India have much large population base […]

Marriage Between India-Pakistan? Couple That Bind India Pakistan In a Bond Of Love

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Hate, rivalry, jealousy are some words that often heard or share by the India & Pakistan people and especially by the media of both the nation. Love is one part that will weaken this rivalry and strengthen the relationship between the people of both the nation. There are many couples […]

HumtyBumty, Securing India The Modi Way: Pathankot, Surgical Strikes and More, film

Now You Will Seen Movie On Pathankot Attack & Surgical Strike! Yes Film Going To Release Soon

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On the surgical strike of Indian Army on terrorist organizations in Pakistan-occupied territory of India. The book written by Nitin Anant Gokhale¬†, ‘Securing India The Modi Way: Pathankot, Surgical Strikes and More’, a film will be making in this. ‘Audible Motion Pictures’ bought the rights of the book to make […]

HumtyBumty, Republic-Day-Parade

These movies based on true events & remember you about real history of India

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We should never forget the fight and sacrifices of a true Indian and the real hero of India, our army or soldiers. We only remember those people only two days in the whole year. On 15 August and 26 January but so many people sacrifices their lives only for us […]

General Election In Pakistan 2018

2018 General Election Pakistan: Who Will Become Prime Minister

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Year 2018 will be most important for Pakistan. Politically 2018 will be the year of change for Pakistan as general elections will be held in the country on 15th of July 2018. This will going to be the first time in Pakistan history that two civilian government complete their tenure […]