social media queen priya prakash

Meet Social Media’s Newest Crush, Priya Prakash Varrier

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Social media is a platform who make an unknown face to a known face or kind of celebrity. Now the new young sensation is Priya Prakash Varrier. The young actress, her eyebrow-dance and the wink seem to have floored fans across the country. Priya is an upcoming actor who is all […]

best friends things

Things You & Your Best Friends Always Did Together

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Friends are one who did stupids things along with you. Everyone has friends and there are certain things which your friends did only along with you. No One Is Better Than You & Your Friend   A best friend insult you in front of other friends Did silly things together […]

Couple Earn Money By Their Sex Videos, Visit World

Couple Met During Threesome Travel The World By Sex Video Income

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The world is full of enthusiastic and entertaining people. People earn money by any mean and thus satisfied their need and desires. In a recent news, a couple selling their intimate videos and thus travelling the world by the money they got from selling these videos. Kim and Paulo fell […]

HumtyBumty, drunk-girl-dancing_in haryana

Video: This is happens when a girl got dumped in the relationship

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Valentines week is going on today is the propose day so boys and girls propose to each other but it is quite obvious that every proposal would not be accepted by both girls and as well as boys but if we talk about boys and girls who already in the […]

valentine day-propose day

Valentine Day Special! How To Propose Your Girl To Make Her Fall In Love With You

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Well valentine week is already started, so couples who already in a relationship or who wanted to be in a relationship eagerly waited for this special month of love. And in all these days, propose day has its own importance. Boys and girls who are in a relationship have more […]

HumtyBumty, Forbes 30 under 30 list india

Not only entrepreneur, there are personality from all category in Forbes 30 under 30 India list

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Forbes has disclose the 30 under 30 India name of 2018, Forbes research is the three fold One, interviews by the Forbes India team with sources across relevant categories as well as through studies of databases and media coverage. Two, on, inviting applications from, or nominations of, entrepreneurs and professionals […]

HumtyBumty, what to do if you are missing your ex on the Valentines day

7 things you can do if you are missing your ex on this Valentines day

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Valentines day 2018 is yet to be come, Valentines day is the day for the lovers but not all the people wants to celebrate this romantic day of the year. Some of the got irritated when the valentines day comes but unfortunately you can not skip the date and day. […]

snowfall in Desert

In China Taklamakan Desert Turns Into A Snow Covered Island

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Nature is itself a beauty and it makes us speechless when we saw true side of the nature. One such mesmerizing view comes from the Taklamakan desert in northwest China where desert look like a place with so much beauty just like a fairy-tale story. Taklamakan desert remains hot during […]

HumtyBumty, Square watermelon, cube watermelon in japan

Did You Know? Square Watermelon grown in Japan to fit easy in refrigerators

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Everyone enjoys the watermelon in the season of summer some people like to have juice of water melon and some of like to eat watermelon, Generally we have seen the watermelon in the round shape But if we say, there is another shape of watermelon which is square watermelon, yes, […]

Parsi Hilton, Kim Kardashian West, Yeezy Season 6, Kanye West, United States, Reality Show

Just Wow!!! When Paris Hilton Recreate Kim Kardashian West Vogue

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Paris Hilton is always rocking and stunning when we talk about the looks and off-course the style. There was a time when reality shows queen Kim Kardashian worked as Paris Hilton’s assistant. But it seems like history now as Kim is continuously rising as one of the top model of […]