HumtyBumty, Bollywood actress shared their opinion on periods

Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Padman’ has been released on Friday (February 9). ‘Pad Man’ is based on periods process women. If we talk about the topic periods, so generally women do not talk on this so here are some top Bollywood actress who has stated their opinion openly on periods.

Top Bollywood actress opinion on Periods

Kareena Kapoor

HumtyBumty, Kareena-Kapoor-talk on periods openly

Kareena Kapoor says about Periods that the period is not a subject to talk behind closed doors. The media should talk openly on this. It is very important for men as well to know about periods. Kareena Kapoor says that this is very common. Every girl should specially take care of hygiene during periods. Kareena Kapoor says that everybody gets 30 days of working in the month, why women get less days because of periods.

Sonam Kapoor

HumtyBumty, padman actress sonam kapoor, shared their openion on periods
Sonam Kapoor says she was very happy when she got her first menstrual. The reason for being happy was that all her friends had menstrual on that time. she used to asked her mom that when would menstrual start to her.

Taapsee Pannu

HumtyBumty, Taapsee pannu talked on periods

TaapseePannu says that girls are stronger than boys. The biggest reason for this is that girls bear too much pain during the periods. She say that pain of periods are equal to heart attack. Taapsee said that I take medicine several times to avoid periods during shooting.

Twinkle Khanna

HumtyBumty, what twinkle khanna says on periods

Producer of the film ‘Pad Man’, Twinkle Khanna says about Periods, that it is a natural process and there is nothing to hide in it. Twinkle also discusses periods with his son Aarav. Twinkle believe that men should also be aware of this so that they also can understand the pain of women.

Zareen Khan

HumtyBumty, zareen khan openion on periods

Zareen Khan says that she did not cancel the shoot due to periods. Zareen Khan said that it is going to come every month, how long we will be discharged from our work. She said that I do not understand why people take it so seriously.

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