HumtyBumty, top indian web series, permanent Roommates

What you do on web all the time except Facebook or Whatsapp and if you are feeling bore at home and you have nothing to do any thing interested then here is the list of some Indian web series which you can watch without getting bore and you can relate yourself in your personal life and as well as in professional life.

1. Permanent Roommates

HumtyBumty, top indian web series, permanent Roommates

Permanent Roommates is based on the relationship of two characters Mikesh and Tanya which is played by Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh. In this web series you can see how they love each other even when, their likes and dislikes are totally opposite. Permanent Roommates is all about love, relationship and family. You can watch this web series on you you tube.

2. Life Sahi Hai

HumtyBumty, Life Sah Hai best web series

Life Sahi Hai is is all about four guys who moved to the Delhi to live independent for the first time, Anyone who are living independently can relate their live with these guys. How these guys deal with boss and girlfriend. You can see the value of freedom in this web series.

3. Pitchers

HumtyBumty, TVF pitchers web series

TVF presents this web series. Pitchers web series is based on four friend wants to launch their start up. One of the character Naveen Bansal becomes angry for not getting selected for the project from the company in which he works, than after getting drunk he freaked out to his boss and quit the job so This web series is all about business world of start ups.

4. Aam Aadmi Family

HumtyBumty, best web series in india

Aam Aadmi Family is based on a middle class family, There is a hardworking father, mother who support their two grown up kids and gossip loving grand mother. In this web series you can see how they find happiness in small incidents.

5. Tripling

HumtyBumty, TVF tripling, best web sereis

Tripling is all about three siblings who met each other and start their journey to find out their lost relations with each other. In this web series you can see, in today’s time how people busy in which they cant even spend some time with their family and siblings.

6. Official chukiyagiri

HumtyBumty, top indian web series

Arre presents Official chukiyagiri. This web series is based on a life of boy Spandan Chukiya from UP who newly come to Mumbai for internship in the corporate world after completing MBA and see some different corporate world and how he survive in that situation because he wants to be on top in corporate world.

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