HumtyBumty, drunk-girl-dancing_in haryana

Valentines week is going on today is the propose day so boys and girls propose to each other but it is quite obvious that every proposal would not be accepted by both girls and as well as boys but if we talk about boys and girls who already in the relationship than you will say it is quite normal in today’s time.

But if any boy or girl got dumped or rejected than how will they react. Can you imagine How a girl will react when she got dumped or rejected in the relationship. People used to say Love makes you blind and you do crazy things when you are in love than what will you do when your love is not accepted.

Youth reacts very easily without thinking about the consequences, watch this video in which you can see, how a girl reacts when she got dumped. This girl is dancing in the front of that boy house who dumped her.

Not only Bollywood’s song this girl is dancing on Punjabi numbers also. This video is recorded in Haileymandi, Pataudi. is she really drunk or showing off her frustration, can’t say. But This happens when a girl got dumped in the relationship. You can do so many crazy thing in love. You can easily see in this video how much pain and frustration she has as she is dancing and behaving like this on the street and front of pubic.

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