valentine day-propose day

Well valentine week is already started, so couples who already in a relationship or who wanted to be in a relationship eagerly waited for this special month of love.

And in all these days, propose day has its own importance. Boys and girls who are in a relationship have more importance for this day. In-fact the whole valentine week makes the couples more and more romantic. They fall in love for each other.

But valentine week is also for those who want to express their feelings to someone whom the like and so want to propose her.

Here are some useful tips for successful proposal.

Make her feel special

Girls always want to feel special so make her special by any mean. In-fact propose her in front of everyone and this might be the moment she never forget in her life.

Give her all Attention

Girls love to be noticed and so want all attention.


Special Gift

Gifts are also another thing which every girl love to be. So proposal with a gift is not a bad idea.

and on a non-serious note


Say every wrong thing is right when you girl said it right. Don’t argue! Never!


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