HumtyBumty, Virat Kohli promotes Anushka Sharma's film Pari

After marriage Anushka Sharma making her come back in Bollywood in the film ‘Pari’. ‘Pari’ is an Indian supernatural horror film and this film is produced by Anushka Sharma. Teaser of Anushka Sharma’s film pari has been launched but the thing is Virat Kohli is promoting ‘pari’ more than Anushka Sharma.

Virat Kohli has shared the Anushka’s film ‘Pari’ teaser on their all social media platforms so check out the ‘Pari’ teaser which is shared by Virat Kohli.

No doubt there is no issue now, to promote wife Anushka Sharma’s film and while sharing this teaser Virat Kohli said ‘love it’ so Virat Kohli loved the teaser and gives positive review to wife Anushka’s film. When worlds batsman loved the teaser that something would be their in the film. So lets see how the film will perform, ‘Par’ will be releasing on 2 march 2018.

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