Boys On Social Media

Valentine week is just to begin and this is the time when every boyfriend make effort to make his girlfriend fall in love with him more and so make her happy.

But there are some vellee (boy who don’t have gf ) who are always in search of girlfriend on every social media platform.

What they actual need is get a attention from a girl no matter they knew her or not.

The Facebook Story

There are so many boys who always search every bit of Facebook in order to find a girl for him. Friend requests send in bulk just to try their luck.

‘Please god even one girl accept my friend request’

The Instagram Story

Ahh! that pic is awesome. Follow that girl, give like to her pics and off-course message her!! Well who knows girl could give attention to your activity.


The Tinder Story

Ohh! This is a good platform keep slide and slide and slide and off-course like and give star to the profile of the girls who knows that girl give back you her like and you start conversation with her.


The Other Social Account

In India, reaction be like, What? Are they even exist? And how i could i miss that?


And When You Get Any Response

Your reaction be like



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