HumtyBumty, Roman Reigns and broke wrestlemania

At this time the WWE Universe is divided on whether Roman Reigns should be in another main event. Roman is favorite of WWE management and he has influenced everyone with his performance in the past few times.

Now if WWE wants to make this match better, then he will have to make some changes in this match, so that its thrill increases. Today we will tell you 5 ways to do this:


HumtyBumty, Hell-in-a-Cell-main-event

The addition of the replication in any match indicates that the match will become even more spectacular. Now in this match there is a nice option, Hell in a cell, False Count or Extreme Rules.

This will not only make the fans more enjoyable in the match but also the level of the match will increase. It’s not that this match has just this one stipulation. There are other ways, but this will be one of them.

Special Guest Referee

HumtyBumty, paul-heyman-wwe-monday-night-raw-

If there is a special guest referee in this match, then it will not be clear who will win. If Triple H and Stephanie McMahon become special guest referees in this match, then the story can go anyway.

It may be possible that they do not let the Roman Reigns win, or even that they screw Lesnar so that the Roman Reigns win. In either situation, no wrestler will feel weak and this is the best thing to do.

What if Paul Heyman becomes a special guest referee in this match? If there is a suspense here and the Lesnar gets pinned so that Roman Reigns can win?

Make the Story Personal

HumtyBumty, Dean-Ambrose

WWE has done this many times before, where stories have become very personal. This time, he will not be able to get straight into attacking the Roman or his loved ones. So it would be nice to attack Brock Lesnar, Dean Ambrose who would either be relaxing in the hospital or at home, that will create the buzz among the fans.

After this WWE, converting Roman’s wife and child through Lesnar, this will benefit the Roman. This will give them fan’s support and the possibility of a Shield Reunion will also increase.

Someone else should be added to this match

HumtyBumty, brock20lesnar20wwe_crop_north

we have seen the Roman vs. Brock once, where in the last Seth Rollins change the condition and direction of the match by cash contracting.

Why not even the story of Wrestle Mania 31 happen here, where Braun Strowman, The Miz, Finn Bálor or Seth Rollins become part of this match. From this, Brock Lesnar will get another chance to take his undefeated streak forward and WWE will get viewership too.

Unique End

HumtyBumty, Braun_Strowman


Now that it is probable that many other wrestlers will become part of this match, it is possible that there will be a champion other than the Roman, whether it be Strowman or Finn, or some other.

This thing is known to everyone that whenever something different in the WWE, it is liked by the watchers.

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