HumtyBumty, Square watermelon, cube watermelon in japan

Everyone enjoys the watermelon in the season of summer some people like to have juice of water melon and some of like to eat watermelon, Generally we have seen the watermelon in the round shape But if we say, there is another shape of watermelon which is square watermelon, yes, You can take the square watermelon but for that you have to go to the japan.
HumtyBumty, Square watermelon cube watermelon

Square watermelon is grown in the shape of cube. Growing the Square watermelon is very famous in japan. One of the reason to grow square watermelon is that to utilize the space in small refrigerators. Generally round watermelon is not able to stable so Square watermelon intended to fir easily in the refrigerators and easy to cut without rolling. Square watermelon is very expensive moreover Square watermelon is being sold more as an ornamental novelty.
HumtyBumty, price of square watermelon

Square watermelon was invented in 1978, by a graphic designer Tomoyuki Ono. Square watermelon is generally grown in the box. Square watermelon tend to attract the wealthy and fashionable consumers, Square watermelon’s (cube water melons) price is generally two to three times a normal watermelons.

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