HumtyBumty, Funny video of Indian Railways in Punjab Kotkapura

Although India wants to become the worlds largest country in the world, Government doing so many foreign visit to make good relation with our neighbor countries and India wants to bring latest technology in India in every field. Government want bullet train in India but you should know about the existing Indian Railway condition in India.

This video will confuse you to think that you should laugh or regret, Although Indian Railway hiked their travelling charges but they do not have even staff to manage the system. Indian Railway can not even afford the manpower to manage the railway station.

This video is recorded in one of the Railway crossing in Faridkot District, Kotkapura Punjab. According to people, when any train passes from this railway crossing then driver of the train himself close the barricades, stopping the train before railway crossing and after the crossing driver opens the barricades as visitors can pass on the railway crossing. Do not have Indian Railway that much of budget as they can appoint the more staff to manage the railway crossing. This is also a phase of India and India railway.

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