HumtyBumty, Ghoomar track played in USA, NBA match

Controversy on ‘Padmaavat’ is not been hide from all India. Because in India in so many states got affected by this mishappening. Karni Sena approaching the ban this film ‘Padmaavat’. Where a group attacked the bus.

But apart from all these controversies, a most liked thing in ‘Padmaavat’ is song ‘Ghoomar’. It is an example that not only in India, song ‘Ghoomar’ is liked by across the India and Indians. In the USA the song ‘Ghoomar’ was played and crowed gone crazy on this song.

In the USA there were NBA match between Charlotte Hornets vs Miami Heat, so American-Indian dancer performed on the ‘Padmaavat’ song ‘Ghoomar’ in the basketball court and with their performance, they all took the goosebumps to another level.

It is not complete yet, in san Fransisco a family booked the complete theatre to watch the ‘Padmaavat’ and then ladies performed on the song ‘Ghoomar’ even they all were seen in the proper dress of Padmavati.

This thing shows that people should change their perception, where outside the India people accepting the things without from the caste, religion. By the way, ‘Padmaavat’ is doing very well at the box office.

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