Back Benchers

Empty Front Rows But Always Going To Back Seats


Last few rows in any class or college are always reserved for the backbenchers. No matter if the class have few students but backbenchers always sit in back seats.

Easy Target For Any Teacher


If you are a backbencher then you might have some disadvantages. You might be the easiest target for any teacher during the lecture.


You Might Be The First One To Thrown Out Of The Class

Well this is seriously the sure correct thing as backbenchers are easily targeted by the teachers.

The So Called Cool Tag Is Automatically Associated With You

This is the typical mentality of whole class and even teachers also agrees that backbenchers are somehow very cool.

Lunch Is Not For The Lunch Time


Obviously! You are supposed to eat your lunch during lectures otherwise there would be serious question mark on your backbenchers tag.

You Are Happy With Your Passing Marks


Well for your ultimate happiness, all you need is just passing marks.

Take Nap During The Class


Well, Well, Well!! This is some serious characteristics of a backbenchers.

During Classes Backbenchers Worked On Another Subject


This is the specialty forget the ongoing subject and complete the work of another subject.

Class Topper Is Always Champu For You


Topper is always considered as pakau and champu and one who always remembered about the class test.

Spoiling The Shirt Of Another Student


Off-course! You are owner of back seat so it is your right to spoil the shirts of your fellows.

And When They Answer, Everyone Surprised


Although this happened rarely!!!

Always Ahead In Every Fight


You are kind of don of the class and fellow student considered you as don.

Backbenchers Makes Friend For Life

Because a backbencher can understand another backbencher so their mutual understanding is very good.



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