haley & trump

Donald Trump is always in NEWS after he became the President of United State. In a recent rumor, it is a NEWS that US diplomat in United Nation Nikki Haley has an affair with United State President Donald Trump.

But the US diplomat of Indian origin, clarified the rumors of his love affair with President Donald Trump. He termed such rumors as disgusting and “very insulting & hateful”.

Nikki Haley said that this is absolutely wrong and very insulting. In the administration of any President of the United States, the first Indian American cabinet rank Haley dismissed such rumors as “very insulting and disgusting” in an interview with Polytechno.

‘One time I was in Air Force One , but when I was in the room there were a lot of people there,’ Haley said.

Nikki said on New York author Michael Wolf’s allegations made in the book ‘Fire and Fury’ recently.

“He says that I am doing many things about his political career with President in Oval (President’s Office) was. While I never spoke to the President about my future and I was never alone with him,” Haley clarified.

 Haley expressed her displeasure and said, ‘In such cases, such things actually cause problems.’

“But what is the big thing about which we always need to be aware of is that in my life I have found all the time that if you talk about your mind and you remain firm about it They talk about what they believe, then there are some people who do not like it and in such a way they scavenge on you, even if it is wrong or not,” Haley said further.

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