HumtyBumty, Cricket - India v South Africa

The third Test between India and South Africa is being played on the pitch of Wanderers. On the first two days of the match, more than 20 wickets fell and the third day of the match, wickets continued to fall. Batsmen have not been able to make runs on this pitch, and in such a way, the former players have strongly condemned the pitch. Former South African player Shaun Pollock and former India player Sunil Gavaskar described the pitch as poor.

Pollock said, “If the pitch starts playing like this from the second day, then the pitch cannot be called good. There is an unexpected bounce on the pitch and no ball is coming right on the bat. You can not say this pitch okay. Pollock compared this pitch to the pitch of India’s Nagpur, which was termed as extremely bad by the ICC. Pollock further said, “When South Africa visited India in 2015, then the Nagpur pitch was called poor by the ICC and this pitch is the same as that.”

Apart from Pollock, Sunil Gavaskar also did not like the pitch of Wanderers. Gavaskar said, “The pitch should be such that there is something for both the batsmen and the bowlers. Usually, the pitch is flat, which helps the batsmen. But these pitch is for the bowlers only. ‘

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