Man hanging with moving train

A teenager from Moscow hang themself in front of moving train for a stunt. During the stunt Alex Nomernoy getting out his iPhone and putting on music and all these activity was captured in a camera.

This terrifying footage shows that the teenager hanging themself from a train which clock 75mph speed.

Alex record two videos of this terrifying stunt. In the second video a girl wearing a white mask company him in this dangerous stunt. This video gained a large number of online following and the video is viral all over the internet.

Alex is a 19-year-old photographer and a blogger. He described this risky stunt as part of his business and he also said that it is the part of his lifestyle.

“I really like to take pictures of the landscapes and architecture of the city from a height, usually from the roof tops. I like to shoot video and mount it. I shoot and take pictures mainly on the GoPro and Canon 600d. I chose it because these cameras are the most popular in these environments,” Alex said

“There was no real threat to life, because we held on to the handrails, and we know rules of this type of riding well enough. Unfortunately, there are so many boys who do not want to learn the theory and do not know the physics, but just want to be bold and cool. These guys are often injured or even die because of their own foolish technical mistake,” he said further.


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