HumtyBumty, Indian Cricketer Hardik Pandya dating ex Bigg Boss contestant Elli Avram

The relationship between cricketer and Bollywood is very deep. You will find many such cricketers who have married to Bollywood actors, whether it is Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan’s, Zaheer or the Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli, who recently married with Bollywood heroien Anushka Sharma, After a long term relationship with her. Not only this, his marriage came in the form of the biggest marriage of 2017.

Now the name of the Hardik Pandya has also been added in this list. Now you do not want to know about which heroine she is, Hardik Pandya fell in love with. So let us tell you about it.

That heroin is none other than Big Boss’s ex contestant and Kapil Sharma’s heroine, Elli Avram. Actually Elli Avram was seen in a party with Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya. Seeing both, it seemed as if their relationship was far from a good friends. Let’s tell you that Elli and Hardik firstly met during an ad shoot. Both of them exchange their mobile numbers. Like as Virat and Anuskha yes, Virat and Anuskha also met dueing an ad shoot for the first time.

After that ad shoot, both started hannging out together. Sometimes they go for movie date together and several times on a dinner date. Recently both of them were seen in the wedding reception of cruickter Kunal Pandya and Pankhuri Sharma.

HumtyBumty, hardik-pandya-elli-avram_

Let me tell you that Kunal is Hardik’s real brother. Everyone’s eyes were on Elli and Hardik. Many photos of both are getting viral on social media. Also the news of the affair of both of them. Now it is to see how much relationship goes so far!

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