HumtyBumty, Düsseldorf Airport germany, aircraft 110 km/h windspeed

So many people have the experience to travel in the plane some of the people may feel the good or bad experience on the plane. Most of the people enjoy when aircraft take off or when aircraft lands but this is all about the passengers who are traveling on the plane but what about piolet who carries all the passengers on the aircraft in such conditions which may not in control sometimes.

This video will give you the goosebumps how piolet manages the aircraft in the extreme Strome. Passengers might felt some another level of goosebumps and we appreciate the piolet courage who carries the aircraft and all passengers safely.

This video shooted at Düsseldorf Airport Germany, and how this piolet handles this aircraft with up to 110 km / h crosswind. Yes, those wind speeds were 110km/h, and this clip surely gives the goosebumps

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