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Travelling is the thing which is liked by the most of the people, some people love to visit some unique places around the world but when we say that there are some places where you are not allowed to visit. Yes, have you heard about the places where you are not allowed? There are so many unique destinations, places where people want to visit at least once in their life but We will tell you about those places where you are not allowed to visit.

Snake Island Brazil

You are not allowed to visit this island in Brazil even you will find nobody on this island. The island is virtually untouched for years because of the deadly snakes on this island, it is been visited by few scientist who has reported that there are so many snakes on the island, you not able to take more than one step without encountering a group of snakes even there are spiders, there are hundreds of species of deadly spiders as well.

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Inside the Coca-Cola Vault

Coca-cola taste is unique from other beverages and its taste is consistent from the beginning when it started to serve to its customers, Coca-cola has its unique formula which we can say Coca-Cola’s USP. The makers of Coca-Cola take keeping a recipe secret so seriously they keep it in a huge vault, to open the vault you need to 3 keys and 2 combinations, which keeps in high security.

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Disney Club 33

Disney club 33 is located at Disneyland California, this club is very exclusive, even the location of Disney club 33 is not known and even high on the entrance if you find the entrance of this club so you can not enter because it is not open to the public. Club 33 members and their guests have exclusive access to resort experiences.

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Google Data Center

Google data center location is never been disclosed. Google Data Center holds trillions of data records. It is not known which Google employee has access to the data center and it also not known how much people been there. Google Data Center kept them the secret very well.

HumtyBumty, Google data center

Jiangsu National Security Education Museum

In this blog, you will found places where you are not allowed to visit but this place is bit different, you are not allowed to visit this museum unless you are a Chinese citizen. Only Chinese citizens are allowed in this museum because inside this place classified documents and various types of spy equipment.



North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island is one of the Andaman Islands, which includes South Sentinel Island, in the Bay of Bengal. On this island indigenous tribe that is absolutely no contact with the outside world. It is believed that there are 40 to 500 people live, the exact number is not known because you are not allowed to visit this island to find out. This is the last civilization which is untouched by modern civilization. In 2006 two fishermen stuck on this island when they caught by this island people, the fisherman was killed instantly. One of the reason is that people of this island do not understand normal language.

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