We all have got the Bigg Boss 11 winner on last Sunday which was quite clear, Shilpa Shinde on the title of Bigg Boss season 11, In every season of Bigg Boss there are so many controversies happened with the contestant in the show, some of the contestants bring their own controversy from the outside and after entering the house they create more.

If we talk about the Bigg boss season 11 then, it was extremely controversial from the beginning. Bigg Boss 11 was based on the celebrity and commoner theme but one thing is there in every Bigg Boss season that is, every contestant joined the finale episode. But In this Bigg Boss 11 season, some of the contestants were missing in the finale episode. According to sources, these ex-contestants were not invited to join the finale show, that is why this ex-contestant were not seen in the Bigg Boss 11 finale show. Let’s talk about those Bigg Boss 11 ex-contestants who were invited to the finale show.

Jyoti Kumari

Jyoti Kumari belongs to Bihar and Jyoti participated in Bigg Boss 11 as a commoner but she did not understand the Bigg Boss 11, how to play, Initially she got popularity because of her fight with Sapna Chaudhary and smoking cigarette But in the fourth week Jyoti got eliminated, because of her less popularity Jyoti Kumari was not invited to the finale show of Bigg Boss 11.

HumtyBumty, jyoti-kumari Bigg Boss 11 contestant

Zubair Khan

Zubair khan who called himself son in law of Daud Ibrahim got eliminated in the first week of the Bigg Boss 11, Zubair throw out of the show because of his bad behavior with the other contestant, even Salman Khan called a dog to Zubair Khan, after this Zubair filed a complaint against Salman Khan, that is the reason Zubair was not invited to the Finale show.

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Mehjabi Siddiqui

Mehjabi Siddiqui belongs to Haryana, who participated in the Bigg Boss 11 as a commoner, but she was eliminated within the 42 days of the show. it was expected that Mehjabi might be seen in the finale show of Bigg Boss 11 but she was not there.

HumtyBumty, mehjabi siddiqui, bigg boss 11 contestant

Lucinda Nicholas

Lucinda Nicholas is an Australian model but Lucinda did not get the popularity so within fifteen days of the show she got eliminated but Lucinda was not invited to the finale show of Bigg Boss 11.

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Sabyasachi Satpathy

Sabyasachi Satpathy is from Odisha and Sabyasachi Satpathy is a professional dancer and a video jockey, even he got eliminated within the 41 days of the show. Sabyasachi Satpathy also not invited in the finale show.

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Shivani Durga

Shivani Durga is a monk and she was one of the ex-contestant who got eliminated from the show within the 14 days. Shivani Durga has played the isolated game in which she did not get popularity, according to sources Shivani Dura was not invited to the Bigg Boss 11 finale show.

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Except for these contestant of Bigg Boss season 11 all other contestant was invited to the finale show. Hiten Tezwani, Arshi Khan, Benafsha Soonawalla, Priyank Sharma, Luv Tyagi, Akash Dadlani, Sapna Chaudhary, Dinchik Pooja, Bandagi Kalra.

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