HumtyBumty, Having sex during pregnancy, myth and truth

Most people think that sex should not be done during pregnancy, but this is not true. In the first quarter, of course, you feel uncomfortable with your partner because of a lot of fatigue and nausea. But during the second trimester (3 to 6 months), the vomiting is usually closed and you start feeling good.

Love harmonics (oxytocins) begin to grow in your body. Actually, your blood flow and secretion increase in the second trimester of pregnancy. Because of this, the number of love hormones will also increase. This whole process is also called Chadwick. During this, swelling occurs in the vagina and also increases the lubricant. In this case, it seems to be intimate with the partner. However, there is a lot of talk about sex in pregnancy in which there is no truth.

HumtyBumty, pregnancy sex, mtyh and truth

Myth 1 – Having sex during pregnancy can cause the fetus (baby) to suffer.

Truth – During pregnancy, the vagina itself becomes slightly larger by stretching. For this reason, heavy layers of mucous membranes are formed on the outer side of the uterus, whereby the child is safe inside the uterus during sex.

Myth 2 – Labor Pain starts raising after sex

Truth Рit is true that there is a certain amount of prostaglandin in the seam, which can cause you little pain. Synthetic prostaglandin is also given during delivery so that you have pain and the baby can come out. But the amount of seam prostaglandin is very low, so there is no question of raising labor pain.

Myth 3 – Having sex during pregnancy can cause vaginal infections.

Truth – you do not need to worry if your partner does not have any sexually transmitted disease. Just keep yourself clean in such a way.

Now you must have understood that there is no harm to sex during pregnancy, If you still have any questions, then consult your doctor.

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