Attack on Horse in Zoo

Men can do anything for the sake of entertainment and to make money. The practice of harming and starving the animals in the circus is not hidden to anyone and men continuously playing with the animals and torching them.

In a kind of disturbing video that comes from a circus in China, the master was rehearsing some moves with the help of a tiger, a lion and a white horse. But suddenly tiger and lion attack the white horse during the rehearsal. The tiger pounces onto the horse’s back and bites on it while the lion hold the neck of the horse. The whole scenario was so scary and disturbing to see.

This is the shocking moment a circus horse is being bitten by a tiger and a lion during rehearsal in northern China.

Footage shows a tiger pounces on a white horse’s back while a lion is biting the horse’s legs as workers whipping the two wild animals in attempt to free the horse.

According to the circus spokesperson, the horse sustain minor injuries and nothing so tensed happened during the rehearsal.

Mr Xu, a staff member from Taiyang Circus told that the crew were practicing a show that a tiger and a lion riding a horse with a saddle on.

The incident was claimed to be happened about a month ago, around end of December and beginning of January in Cangzhou, Hebei Province.


Mobile phone footage shows the white horse running along the circus in the cage, whilst having a lion gnawing from bottom.

A tiger can also be seen chasing close behind and ready to attack.

Mr Xu explained to the reporter that this is a law of nature: ‘Lions and tigers are wild animals. They are different from horse. You can see from documentaries that they eat cows. This is absolutely normal.’

Around four circus workers used whiplash and long poles to hit and beat the big cats until the horse was set free.

Mr Xu said he was not worried the staff member being attacked as the circus kept the lion and the tiger at young age. He is confident that there will have no danger to walk close to the animals.


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