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The ongoing Under 19 Cricket World cup in New Zealand hits out in a controversy and that too in the name of the spirit of the game.

The incident took place in the match between South Africa and West Indies under 19 teams. During South Africa inning, Pillay inside edged a delivery back onto the pad and ball rolled towards the stumps but stopped without hitting the stumps. South African batsman then picked the ball up and throws it to the West Indies wicket-keeper Emmanuel Stewart. And the controversy starts from then, Stewart immediately appealed this for obstructing the field.

After a long discussion, on-field umpires referred this matter to the third umpire and third umpire Ranmore Martinesz gives Pillay out according to the law. Pillay was dismissed for obstructing the field although he pick the ball after it stopped. Pillay scored 47 runs.

But this dismissal ignites one important question that is the spirit of the game does not matter or winning is more important.

South Africa captain Faf du Plessis took to Twitter to express his views on this matter and called the incident against the spirit of the game.


This was not the first time thing in cricket. In the last edition of U-19 cricket world cup in Bangladesh, West Indies fast bowler Paul was criticized for Mankading Zimbabwe’s Ngarava with three runs required in the final over. Ngarava was given out and with this Zimbabwe lost the match and out of the world cup. West Indies after this match reach the quarterfinal and finally won the U-19 world cup 2016.


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