man rape his wife

Women are the most beautiful creature of the world and yet they are still far behind the men. Men always use women in order to meet his requirement and once the need is fulfill then he forget her.

It is hard to understand the psycho of the men. In a recent incident in Pakistan, a man raped his wife on the first night after their marriage. It was not stopped yet, that man raped his wife with an iron rod.

The man continuously puts rod in the vagina of his wife and due to this his wife lost his life. This kind of incident is the biggest slapped on the face of society.

Marriage is the connection of a man to a woman to live for the rest of the life. Its not always sexual relation but lot more than it. It is a kind of connection that bind the couple together physically and mentally. But these kind of incident not good for the society.

The husband must be psychopath that he raped his wife in such a way that she lost her life. According to doctor, the women was raped by continuously putting the rod in her vagina.

Fatima Shirin, a Twitter user and doctor by profession, told the whole story on her Twitter handle

In incident like these, parents responsibility also increases. According to the doctor, the girl’s parents registered the report in the police station. But after writing the complaint, they were thinking about withdrawing the complaint because the boy whom the girl was married was in their relation.

Sex education is the demand of the time. Countries like India and Pakistan especially need sex education from school level otherwise incident like these often happened in our society.

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