youtube new rule

Youtube is one such platform where anyone can see the videos around him from entertainment to tutorial, Youtube has everything in it.

People also earn decent amount of money from the content they uploaded on their youtube channel. Anyone can earn money by having more views on their video and having more subscriber on their youtube channel.

But youtube has changed the criteria to monetize the channel and hence introduce certain restrcitions to monetize the videos for the new as well as existing users. These changes will be effective from 20th februray. Under new guidelines every Youtube channel now require a minimum of 1000 subscribers or 4000 watch hour in order to earn money from youtube otherwise they will never be allowed to monetize their channel or videos. The user who want to create new channel on youtube will have to apply and meet these crieteria in order to monetize their channel.

It is expected that almost 99% user will be effective from this move as these user earn less than 100$ in the previous year.

So below is the three important point which user need to fulfill in order to monetize their youtube channel

  1. 10000 channel views
  2. 1000channel subscriber
  3. 4000 hour of view time in the past year


YouTube’s vice president for display, video and analytics, wrote in a blog post that, “We expect to complete manual reviews of Google Preferred channels and videos by mid-February in the U.S. and by the end of March in all other markets where Google Preferred is offered.”

The new rule definitely hit the youtubers across the world but also force them to create more engaging videos for the users.

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