Nature is itself so unique that it is hot at one part of the world whereas on the other part, Thermometer fails to record temperature after it reaches minus 62C.

This is the coldest village on the earth, the remote Siberian Village named Oymyakon in Russia is the coldest place in the world where human lives. The average temperature in this village is -50C in January.

A new electronic thermometer break out after recording bone chilled minus 62C in the Oymyakon village of Siberia in Russia. Weather is so cold that if someone stepped out from their house then their eye lashes freezes immediately.

life in Oymyakon

Local People did not turn off the engine of their car at the night as they fear that their car not restart once it gets off.


The digital thermometer, which fail to record temperature below 62, was installed last year so as to help Oymyakon people and to market this coldest village to the tourists but it eventually fail as the temperature reaches as low as minus 62C.




There are around 500 people that lives in Oymyakon village and now because of this record this village also become popular tourist destination in the Siberian region of Russia. The name of the village is also interesting, Oymyakon which translated as ‘the water that doesn’t freeze’.

life in siberia

This is how the town got its name which translates as ‘the water that doesn’t freeze’.¬† In 1933, the lowest temperature recorded in the entire northen hemisphere was in Oymyakon and that was minus 67.7C








People of Oymyakon faces lot of problem in this chilled weather. Pen ink freezing, glasses freezing to people’s faces and batteries losing power are some common problems that is facing by the villagers.


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