Agrasen Ki Baoli

Delhi has so many place to visit that are so popular among the tourists. India Gate, Red Fort, Humanu Tomb, Jantar Mantar and off-course Agrasen Ki Baoli. Among them Agrasen ki Baoli is unique. And this uniqueness is off-course because of haunted story associated with it.

Agrasen  ki Baoli is one of the most favorite hangout place in Delhi especially for the youngster and off-course for the couples. It is just walk away distance from the famous Jantar Mantar or you can take an autoricksaw from the Rajiv Chowk metro station. The place is so beautifully designed and always have a special feeling.

But beside this, Agrasen Ki Baoli also has an unique image. It is also believed as one of the haunted place in Delhi. It was a steps well full of water and referred as the water temple at that time. It was designed by the king Agrasen in the period of Mahabharata. There was a story that after the death of the King Agrasen, his Kingdom was lost and the water inside the well turned out to be black. It was believed that the black water had some haunted power that attract people and forced them to commit suicide by jump into it.

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This is to be believed that this haunted well takes the life of hundreds of people until it become waterless.

Everything is change with time. Today Agresen Ki Baoli has one of the attractive place to visit. The 108 steps well has no water inside. The sound echoes deep inside the well.

No one is allow to stay inside the place after the evening and that too because of some haunted story associated with this place.

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