Nobody is born educated in bodybuilding or fitness. It takes time to learn the basics of bodybuilding. It can take years or even decades to master your body. The foundation of a good physique can only be built by not making stupid mistakes as a beginner. Or even if you are making these mistakes, correct them before they become habits. Here are 4 such training mistakes you need to correct ASAP!

1. Wearing A Belt When You Don`t Need To

Weightlifting belt is a great accessory. Not only it increases the amount of weight you can lift during your major compound lifts but also reduces the chances of lower back injury. But at the same time, don’t rely too much on its usage, too early. Don`t be that guy who can`t squat on a leg day just because the belt is already taken. Being overly dependent on anything isn`t the best thing to do. Also, please stop using belts on exercises that don’t require a belt in the first place.

2. Skipping Warm Ups

Warm up has two components- General and specific. General means raising the body temperature as a whole by doing any activity that helps you break a sweat. Specific includes working/warming up only those muscle groups with light weights, bands etc which will be used in the movement or exercise. Best practice is to do both before the workout. I see plenty of guys when in a hurry or normally, skip warm- up and move directly towards the working set with as much load as they can handle. Stop it please and never skip warm up for the sake of a few more working sets.

3. Spending A Majority Of The Time Doing Isolation Work

Don`t get me wrong here.Isolation exercises are a great way to bring up lagging body parts or any imbalances. But compound (multiple joint) exercises should be the bread and butter of your training.This becomes even more important when you are not on any steroids. Save the Chest day, triceps day, bicep day for professionals who are on gear. Stick to big basic movements.

4. Advanced Exercises Before Learning The Basics

I cringe whenever I see a guy attempting front squats but he already has poor form with back squats. Another example would be someone who doesn`t know how to keep his spine neutral during a Barbell/dumbbell row and jumps right into Deadlifting. There are always progressions and regressions of exercises. You progress towards a difficult variation of a movement when you feel adept in basic one. Master the basics and correct posture before moving onto heavy complicated lifts.

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